Weekend Games
by Mobile Arena Champions

Upcoming Tournament:

Schedule and Brackets

(Only registered and verified squads will be displayed)

Game Rules

Maha Mediacom Internet presents Weekend Games - PUBG Mobile Tournament Week 5 hosted by Mobile Arena Champions
Qualifier Matches - Saturday, 22nd August - 8:00pm to 11:00pm
Finals - Sunday 23rd August - 8:00pm to 11:00pm
**Free to Register**
Saturday Qualifiers:
Registered Squads will be divided into Groups and will participate in a Single Elimination Game. Map: Erangel. Top 24 Squads will be selected for Finals on Sunday/
Sunday Finals:
Top 24 Squads will take part in a Best of 3 Maps: Miramar - Sanhok - Erangel to determine the winners!

Prize Pool: INR 10,000

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (1st Place): INR 5000
2nd Place: INR 3000
MVP with Most Kills: INR 2000
Tournament Rules

Reporting Time: Confirmed teams will report at 7:30pm. Matches start at 8:00pm Sharp.

Each team must be made up of 4 players & 1 substitute only. Each team must designate one player as a captain. Team captain must contact the organizers in case of the substitution before designated start time. The substitute player must be pre-registered. Organizers will be communicating with the team Captain directly. It is up to the players to make sure their game and all its contents are up to date. The games will start on time so make sure all team members are ready and in their designated team slots beforehand.

Scoring System

Scoring will be based points accumulated by Placement & Kills. If two teams have the same number of cumulative points, then the team with the higher kills will be placed higher.

Point System

Placement Points

1st Place 10

2nd Place 6

3rd Place 5

4th Place 4

5th Place 3

6th Place 2

7th Place 1

8th Place 1

9th-24th Place 0

Kill Point 1

If there is a tie in points, the squad with more kills will have a better standing. If kill points are also tied, then survival time will be considered.

Schedule Changes: The tournament organizer, in its sole discretion with reasonable grounds, can change the schedule of the matches and the maps of the day. Team Captains & players will be notified via email & registered mobile number on any changes made as early as possible.
Please Note: All decisions made by the organizers will be final.

Fair Play
We expect all teams to maintain the Rules of conduct posted by the Official PUBG website at https://www.pubg.com/en-us/rules-of-conduct/.. We promote fair play and expect all teams to follow these regulation, any breach in these would result in an Admin panel discussion.

Administrative team hold the final call for Disqualification (DQ). Any team which seems to breach the rules provided by the Official PUBGM and rules set by the organizing committee will result in a DQ based on the decision of all Admin. The DQ duration may last only a match but is not limited to a permanent ban from all future events. In case a team has an issue with the admin call they can request a judgment based on proof provided by them and approved by Tencent Gaming.

The organizing committee holds the power to change the stated rules and regulation without prior notification, please make sure you have read all of these before signing up for the tournament.

By registering for the tournament you have given your consent to follow all the rules and regulation mentioned above.